Over a century of history, synonymous with reliability, entrepreneurship and consolidated technical experience in the field of mechanical engineering.


The corporate philosophy of Nuova Menon is based on a series of clear and consolidated values. A series of basic principles that underly all the company’s business activities.

From the indisputable primary consideration of quality as a general objective of the corporate strategy, to reliability, honesty and transparency as key codes of conduct, both interpersonally and towards stakeholders; from the importance of collaboration and willingness as major elements of team work, to an awareness of the

important responsibilities that being in business demands towards people, the territory, society and the environment.

These values are also the basis of the corporate mission and vision that promote product quality and total customer satisfaction as the company’s ultimate aim. These are the only principles able to ensure the creation of true value and wellbeing for the company, its workers, customers and society as a whole. This is the route that Nuova Menon wishes to maintain for the future.

Made in Italy

Made in Italy as a protocol and a philosophy, as a cornerstone of doing business and above all as one of the leading factors in ensuring product quality. This is the conception of the Made in Italy banner in which Nuova Menon recognises itself and shapes its corporate practices.
With this interpretation of the Made in Italy concept in mind, the company not only locates its entire production chain in Italy, but also fosters a strict product culture and a deep bond with the territory. These two principles endow every item made by Nuova Menon with a series of fundamental tangible and intangible properties that make its quality immediately recognisable. From the excellence of the materials to the high specialisation of the production techniques, from the manufacturing precision to the advanced technologies, from the sophisticated design expertise to the decades of specialist know-how, from the meticulous care lavished over every detail to the strong aptitude for problem-solving. Each of these aspects contributes to creating that added value universally acknowledged by the Made in Italy brand and that expresses dedication, technical culture and striving for the best performance, with no compromises.


A journey through 150 years of company history, marked by innovation, entrepreneurship
and technical know-how.