The workforce is an essential component in creating an ecosystem that promotes quality in every way. Nuova Menon firmly believes in valuing their contribution and involving them in the corporate life, and this is why it continuously invests in their training, development, participation and motivation. As well as complying with the legal obligations, every year the company draws up a training plan that sets out the training goals to be reached within the next 12 months. Targeted programmes are therefore organised with refresher and specialist training courses in order to foster continuous corporate and professional improvement.


The wellbeing of people is essential for a successful company. It is therefore imperative not only to listen to workers, but also to take action to make improvements in areas that can create an agreeable working environment for the individual, for the group and, as a consequence, for the whole company.
In order for the working environment to be experienced positively, Nuova Menon engages in initiatives that bring important benefits to workers: From providing a dedicated company canteen to the supply and periodic maintenance of work clothes (including washing), up to constant investment into training.

Thanks to the use of renewable sources of energy, from 2017 to the present time Nuova Menon has saved the environment around:


Nuova Menon has embarked upon a course of sustainability as a fundamental part of its corporate strategy, choosing to invest in innovative energy efficiency projects, to strengthen its use of renewable sources of energy and to design products that have a lower impact on the environment. To achieve this, the company has installed a solar energy system, and set up an efficient procedure for recycling and re-using its manufacturing offcuts. The company follows a waste reduction policy and differentiated waste collection, and in general promotes the culture of environmental sustainability and responsibility as an integral part of its corporate success.