Dealing with industrial irrigation projects, both for agriculture and other sectors, requires the production of a wide range of metal fittings, that can withstand high pressure, extreme temperature, and corrosive liquid.

At Nuova Menon, we know that managing the production of fittings for these irrigation systems is a complex technical and industrial challenge. A good design and production process of hydraulic fittings ensures the right safety and efficiency level of the system, as well as reducing maintenance costs.

In this regard, the design of hydraulic fittings for irrigation must take account of several variables, including operating pressure, ambient temperature, resistance to corrosion, the use of chemical solvents, and the application of sealing pressure. Along with these variables, it will be necessary to consider the type of material, shape, geometry, surface, heat treatment, and dimensions of the fittings.

One of the main challenges of producing fittings for industrial irrigation is to choose the most suitable material. Fittings must withstand high pressure, variable temperature, and corrosive liquid, and therefore, brass is one of the most commonly used materials.

Another important aspect that has to be considered during the production of fittings for industrial irrigation is the choice of the appropriate process, which depends on the dimension, shape, and tolerance of fittings. The most common transformation process for the production of irrigation fittings is hot stamping because it allows a more homogeneous filling process inside the piece, in order to avoid internal stress and cracks.

In conclusion, the production of fittings for industrial irrigation is a complex process. For this reason, it is advisable to rely on the collaboration of companies specialized in the production of metal fittings.

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