The production of fittings for heating systems is a complex task that requires a high level of expertise and experience. Hydraulic fittings must be designed in order to withstand high temperature, pressure, vibrations, and corrosion that can be found in a heating system. Moreover, they must be designed to last longer and withstand wear and stress corrosion cracking.

Nuova Menon, an Italian company specialized in the hot stamping process of metal components, valves and fittings, is an excellent choice for the production of fittings for heating systems. Our company offers a wide range of products, including hydraulic, thermohydraulic, pressure, screw and welded fittings. Each product is carefully designed to ensure the maximum efficiency and safety.

The fittings for heating systems produced by Nuova Menon are characterized by high quality and are designed to withstand extreme conditions, such as high temperature and pressure. Our company uses high-quality materials in order to ensure the maximum level of strength and durability.

The production process of hydraulic fittings for heating systems followed by Nuova Menon starts with the design. The design phase is carried out using advanced software thanks to which the optimal shape of the product is achieved. Once the design is obtained, the first prototypes are produced in order to test the strength, quality, and functionality of the fittings. Once the tests are passed, our products undergo a rigorous final inspection before being delivered to the customer.

In addition to the production of fittings, Nuova Menon also offers assembly and welding services.

In order to ensure that the fittings for heating systems are produced safely and efficiently, Nuova Menon is committed to following the strictest safety and quality standards. Our company also offers product warranties with the purpose of ensuring customer satisfaction.

If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer of fittings for heating systems, Nuova Menon is the ideal choice, as it offers top-quality products capable of withstanding extreme conditions and ensuring safety and reliability.

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