Gas fittings are fundamental elements for industrial sector and for transport and distribution processes. These components have to ensure a safe and durable connection between tubes of various sizes and materials. Moreover, they can be used to connect system components, gas cylinders, gas meters, etc. The production of these fittings must be carried out following specific quality standards, in order to ensure the maximum safety when used.

There are various types of gas fittings, such as elbow fittings, T-shaped fittings, ring fittings, etc. Depending on the type of system that has to be created, these components can be made of various brass alloys. The choice of the alloy depends on the size of the tube, the required pressure, the environment, and the application.

The production of gas fittings requires a careful processing of materials. The first phase consists in the hot stamping process of the pieces, which then undergo a heat treatment, at customers’ request. This treatment modifies the properties of materials and makes them more durable. Through various surface processing and finishing processes, the aesthetic and qualitative compliance of the fittings is guaranteed.

Our gas fittings are designed and produced according to the highest safety standards. Thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies, our company is able to provide strong and reliable fittings that ensure a safe connection between tubes and system components.

Choosing a good manufacturer of gas fittings is essential to ensure the highest quality and safety. Nuova Menon is a renowned company in the field of fittings and has specialized in the hot stamping process of components, valves, and fittings made of brass and copper.

Thanks to our team of experts and the use of modern production methods, our company is able to offer high-quality, durable and reliable products, suitable both for indoor and outdoor use, and for a variety of applications.

If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer of gas fittings, Nuova Menon is the ideal choice. Contact us now to learn more about our production of gas fittings.